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Research Randomizer

Welcome to the Research Randomizer Quick Tutorial.

This brief tutorial describes five examples of how Research Randomizer can be used to solve common research tasks such as randomly selecting numbers from a phone directory, randomly assigning participants to experimental conditions, or drawing a random sample of individuals from a population. The examples are intended to be illustrative, not exhaustive.

[Note to Instructors: You are also welcome to use or adapt the Random Assignment Assignment from Social Psychology Network to teach about random sampling and assignment.]

The full tutorial takes about 10 minutes to complete. To begin now, simply click on "Lesson 1" below.

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Lesson 1
Random Sample of 50 People from a Population of 643
Lesson 2
Random Assignment of 40 Participants to 4 Conditions
Lesson 3
Random Assignment of 40 Participants in Blocks of 4
Lesson 4
Random Sample of 100 Telephone Numbers
Lesson 5
Random Ordering (Assignment) of 25 Items on a Test

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